About Moving Mosaic Samba Band

The Moving Mosaic Community Samba band plays traditional Brazilian rhythms with a focus on entertainment and community outreach without regard for the age, ability and background of its members. Music and dance are the context within which we foster cooperation, collaboration and synchronization of the intentions of our members. Through our performances the individual contributions of our members combine to inspire audiences and ourselves to fully participate in their own community.


The Moving Mosaic Samba Band started in 2003 in Nelson, British Colombia. Kris Ledrew, a local drumming fantasmo, brought together a diverse cross-section of our town together to learn some basic Brazilian Samba Batucada. The enthusiasm caught like wildfire and soon there was a troupe of dancers moving right along with the growing bataria. The band had its first gig when it played the Nelson Streetfest, and they were a big hit, and we never looked back. Today, the band continues its mission of connecting community, to strive for a good performance, and most of all, to have fun and spread that joy to our area.